Anli's 2020 National Partner Meeting successfully held in Beijing
Author:Myanli 2020-03-07


  Anli Partners' 2020 national partner meeting was held in the Beijing office from 10 January to 11 January 2020. Nearly 100 people including the director of the firm, directors of local offices and partners attended the meeting. Participants reviewed the achievements made in 2019 and looked forward to the 2020 strategic development plan.


  On the afternoon of 10 January, Anli held a joint meeting of branch offices. The meeting was chaired by attorney Qingyou WANG, director of Anli Partners. Members of the Management Committee including attorney Xujia XIANG, attorney Jianfeng YU, attorney Zheng LI, attorney Jinrong HOU, and attorney Qingyou WANG made reports on the work in 2019; Attorney Xiaoguang ZHANG of the Supervision Committee, attorney Xunfei WANG of the Consulting Committee, attorney Yilin YAO of the Risk Control Committee, and attorney Wei ZHENG of the Brand and Marketing Committee reported on the work of the committees in 2019; Attorney Xianming MENG, director of the Executive Committee of Beijing Office, attorney Xujia XIANG, director of Shenzhen Office, attorney Kunlin HU, director of Zhengzhou Office, attorney Xuefeng JI, director of Tianjin Office, attorney Youtan AO, executive director of Hohhot Office, and attorney Xiaoling HU, director of Nanjing Office reported on the work of their respective offices in 2019; Attorney Jian CAO reported on the preparations for the Kunming Office, and attorney Jun JI and attorney Yifan CHEN reported on the preparations of the offices in Tokyo and Shanghai respectively.


  The existing problems of Anli Partners and proposed solutions were discussed at the meeting. In the end, the development goals for 2020 and the next three years were discussed and approved by all participants.


  On 11 January, Anli held the national partner meeting. Attorney Qingyou WANG made an opening speech. He expressed heartfelt thanks to all the partners presented and thanked all the partners whose great work had made 2019 a successful and fruitful year for the firm. 


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