Anli Partners and China University of Political Science and Law Reached Strategic Cooperation and Discussed the Value Creation of Chinese Lawyers
Author:Myanli 2020-03-06

  The “New Changes, New Challenges - Value Creation of Chinese Lawyers Forum” and the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Anli Partners and China University of Political Science and Law were held at the Jimenqiao Campus of the university on the morning of 29 June.

  The event officially started at 10 am. Jin HUANG, president of the university, Shiyong FENG, vice President of the university, Qingyou WANG, director of Anli Partners, Chengyu HONG, legal director of Qihoo 360, Jialu WANG, senior partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices, and Yongquan DENG, senior partner of Dentons attended the event. A crowd of more than 300 people, including social media such as the Legal Daily, colleagues in the legal field, teachers and students at school, and lawyer representatives were present.

  President HUANG delivered an inspiring opening speech. He said, “The construction of the legal system in our country is a long-term process and lawyers play a very important role in this progress. The growth of law industry serves as a key factor in the steady progress of our legal system construction.” He pointed out that with the rapid development of the “Belt and Road” initiative, as well as the advancement of the community of shared future for mankind, China is becoming more prominent on the global stage. Moreover, we are embracing a new round of reforms with high technologies adopted in economy and society such as the Internet, big data, block chain, and artificial intelligence. In those progress, we need a large number of lawyers who are proficient in international rules with global perspectives, and are good at handling high-end international legal affairs. Chinese lawyers still have a long way to go in this regard. In addition, HUANG encouraged young lawyers and students to “keep up with the time and follow your heart in this ever-changing environment”. HUANG remarked that China University of Political Science and Law has always attached great importance to the participation of quality social resources in the training of students, and thanked Anli Partners for the internship and job opportunities it offered, as well as the CNY 1.5 million donation to the university’s education foundation.

  Attorney Qingyou WANG then delivered a speech on behalf of Anli Partners. As an alumnus of the university, he was very excited to come back. In his speech, he said that with the continuous deepening of China's economic system reform and the opening up policy, the legal profession will be indispensable to economic activities and play a more important role. He hoped that this event would spark new ideas and lawyers would create more value to clients. When talking about this cooperation and donation, he said that Anli has many partners and lawyers who graduated from this university, this was a gesture to thank the university for its great work in developing students, and also to help legal education in China. Anli Partners will continue to provide more opportunities and competitive salaries for outstanding graduates from this university and other ones.

  Next came the roundtable session which included guests of Chengyu HONG, legal director of Qihoo 360, Jialu WANG, senior partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Yongquan DENG, senior partner of Dentons, as well as Wei ZHENG and Mengqian WANG, representatives of young lawyers of Anli Partners. WANG and DENG, as senior lawyers, analyzed the bottlenecks of young lawyers in their growth based on their years of experience, and shared their stories of how to solve these problems and create value to the team and clients. Chengyu HONG, as a representative of client company, discussed what are the lawyers most wanted by companies and how lawyers could create more value for the commercial interests companies from the perspective of clients. Wei ZHENG and Mengqian WANG shared their challenges and expectations as young lawyers. The audience was deeply touched upon by the power of those speakers with a big applause.


  In the end, the donation ceremony as well as the strategic cooperation agreement signing between Anli Partners and the University of Political Science and Law were officially launched. Shiyong FENG, vice president of the university, and Qingyou WANG, director of Anli Partners, signed the contract on behalf of the two parties. Anli Partners will donate CNY 1.5 million to the education foundation. FENG thanked Anli for its contributions to the university over the years and sent his best wishes to the firm. He also suggested that this event was a very helpful career planning lesson for all undergraduates.


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